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Evaluating degree of chemical dependency problems, including DWI / OVI / DUI Arrests

Before treatment begins, a comprehensive Substance Abuse and Psycho-social history will be conducted with each person interested in our outpatient services. The purpose of the assessment is to identify service needs and determine if the individual has a substance abuse or chemical dependency problem. We can also provide next steps in dealing with DWI / OVI / DUI Arrests. Family members will take part in the assessment process when appropriate.

Recommended Treatment Program

Designing individualized treatment based on assessment.

A customized program will be designed based on individual needs. If that program requires an outside referral, services will be facilitated by our staff.

  • We work closely with an individual’s psychiatrist or physician
  • We facilitate detox or inpatient care if needed
  • We refer for medication and follow-up consultation

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for the Chemically Dependent.
The IOP is appropriate for those who are diagnosed as chemically dependent and are committed to maintaining abstinence from all drugs and alcohol throughout the course of the programming. Participants are able to remain in their home environment and continue their present work schedule.
The IOP is an individualized program for adolescent and adults. They attend group sessions three days a week, three hours a day – Monday through Thursday, for a period of six weeks. Psych & Psych Services offers both day and evening programs.

bull The Addiction and Recovery Process
bull Families dealing with DWI / OVI / DUI Arrests
bull Relapse Prevention
bull Thinking Errors
bull Spirituality & the 12 Steps
bull Anger Management
bull Guilt & Shame
bull Chemical Dependency & the Family
bull Coping Skills

Brief Therapy for Substance Abuse Issues.

Individuals who are substance abusers, or have had either a DWI, OVI, or DUI arrest and appear to be at risk for chemical dependency are potential clients for this short-term therapy. This treatment focuses on education about the addiction cycle. It will help participants develop a sober support system and make healthier choices – both of which will aid in preventing chemical dependency in the future.

Intervention on Abuse
Individuals assessed possessing a history of chemical abuse, DWI, DUI or OVI arrests, positive drug screens at the work site, and/or appearing at risk for chemical dependency would be potential clients in this level of care. Education about the disease of chemical dependency, developing a sober support system, and making healthy choices is presented through Intervention on Abuse. Other individuals may be chemically dependent but in strong denial. Staff and concerned persons may not have sufficient data for a diagnosis of chemical dependency. Thus, this level of care proves useful in providing intervention, or in ruling out chemical dependency. Intervention on Abuse will be provided to individuals as needed with flexible scheduling.
coupleUnique Treatment Programs for Adults, Adolescents and Women.
Psych & Psych Services offers a variety of treatments to help adults as well as adolescents suffering from drug and/or alcohol problems including DWI, OVI, or DUI arrests.

Therapy for Clients
and Their Support Network of Family and Friends.

We believe this is an important part of addiction treatment and all are encouraged to seek private counseling to work through individual and family issues.

kidsAftercare –
Help for Day-to-Day Living.

Aftercare is an opportunity for people to continue enhancing their relapse prevention skills and to talk freely with other recovering addicts who are adjusting to day-to-day sober living.

Continuing Care Group
It will be recommended in the majority of cases clients enter this group for a period of three months following IOP in order to solidify consistent recovery as a lifestyle. This group will meet once weekly for 1.5 hours per session. This is to be in combination with recommended AA meetings and sponsor contact. Again, the goal will be to offer groups accommodating varied work schedules. Clients may also be referred directly into continuing care as deemed appropriate through assessment. In addition to the group, referrals will be made to mental health, medical, and other various services as needed.

The 12 Step Community
Clients will be encouraged to utilize this recovery resource during and after treatment. AA on-site meetings and contacts will be a vital part of programming. At program start, treatment will be for clients 18 and older. It is a program goal to continue to diversify into adolescent treatment and other needed areas of service as referrals are made and community interest shown. This is to be a program of solid recovery and treatment principles combined with creativity and vision.
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