Chemical Dependency

Offering New Hope For Adults, Adolescents and their Families

At Psych & Psych Services, we offer guidance and support in the way of treatment to those making an effort to achieve and maintain sobriety, rebuild relationships and improve their quality of life. We understand that addiction not only affects the chemically dependent person, but also all of the people involved with them. It is our mission to provide quality, confidential help that is designed to benefit both the individual and their loved ones.


Before treatment begins, a comprehensive Substance Abuse and Psycho-social history will be conducted with each person interested in our outpatient services. The purpose of the assessment is to identify service needs and determine if the individual has a substance abuse or chemical dependency problem. If needed, our staff will assist you in setting up detox or other outside care. 

Topics that may be addressed in IOP:

* The Addiction and Recovery Process
*Relapse Prevention
*Errors in Judgement
*Spirituality & the 12 Steps
*Anger Management
*Guilt & Shame
*Chemical Dependency & the Family
*Coping Skills


The IOP is appropriate for those who are diagnosed as chemically dependent and are committed to maintaining abstinence from all drugs and alcohol throughout the course of the programming.  Individuals who are required to attend this level of care have typically had multiple and repeated consequences related to substance abuse. Participants are able to remain in their home environment and continue their present work schedule.
Patients attend group sessions several days per week, for approximately 6-8 weeks. Psych & Psych Services offers both day and evening programs.

Individuals who are substance abusers, or have had either a DWI, OVI, or DUI arrest and appear to be at risk for chemical dependency are potential clients for this short-term therapy. This treatment focuses on education about the addiction cycle. It will help participants develop a sober support system and make healthier choices – both of which will aid in preventing chemical dependency in the future.

Individual counseling for chemical depencency can range from short-term (5-10 sessions) or more long-term.

    Our Chemical Dependency Program is recognized and fully certified by the Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services Board

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    As we continue to cope with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic Psych and Psych Services is open for business and accepting new clients. Whether you are new to Psych and Psych Services, or an existing client, call us at 440-323-5121 to set up an appointment with one of our therapists. Many of our therapists are now offering face-to-face sessions (use of a mask is required by our therapists and strongly encouraged by our clients).  Please ask the receptionist if the therapist you wish to see is currently offering face-to-face sessions.  All therapists are also offering counseling services by telephone and some offer video sessions via “Zoom”. Please ask the receptionist for details if you are wanting to obtain an assessment for placement in one of our Chemical Dependency Program groups.